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Falls JB Properties of bird song eliciting responses from territorial males. Effects of location. Goldman P Song recognition by Field Sparrows. Auk — Google Scholar. Ibis — Google Scholar. Hinde RA Alternative motor patterns in Chaffinch song. Anim Behav — Google Scholar.

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On Climate Change, a Disconnect Between Attitudes and Behavior

Wilson Bull — Google Scholar. Nottebohm F Neural lateralization of vocal control in a passerine bird. Subsong, calls, and a theory of vocal learning. J Exp Zool —49 Google Scholar. Effect of massed stimulus presentation. Payne RB Microgeographic variation in songs of splendid sumbirds Nectarinia coccinigaster : population phenetics, habitats and song dialects. Payne RB Song learning and social interation in indigo buntings. Effect of reproductive condition, number of trials, and different delay intervals on responses of the White-crowned Sparrow.

Siegel S Nonparametric statistics for the behavioral sciences. Eventually, we learn that this just isn't some innocent experiment, and the old man isn't what they thought he was. The movie opens with a narration of how perception isn't always reality, and that people see only what they want to see.

And this is really what this movie is about. The old man that everybody views as despicable and hateful is really just an old man that's hurting from the loss of his wife and wants to be left alone. While the old man's strange behavior may seem psychotic to others, especially to the two voyeur teenagers, in reality it's just the actions of an old man trying to deal with pain and reacting to the paranormal activity, in his own self-destructive way of course.

It's an interesting lesson of how outside influences, regardless of how innocent, can have an enormously unpredictable outcome. However, the antics of these kids isn't so innocent, most especially are the motives of Ethan.

He keeps trying to push the old man, even when confronted and challenged by his partner in crime. We soon learn that this 'experiment' has as much to do with revenge as it does a study in human behavior. We learn that there is a history between Ethan's family and Mr. Grainey very appropriately named I might add , and Ethan's bias toward the old man only fuels his speculation that he is up to no good. Ultimately, Mr. Grainey pays the ultimate price as a result of the actions of the two juvenile delinquents.

I generally found this movie kind of hard to watch because the characters were so unlikable. Ethan, the true villain in this movie, I found to be truly despicable. His cohort Sean has a conscience but isn't able to think on his own and is compelled to be around Ethan because of his own insecurities and social awkwardness. Ethan's mother is so wrapped up in her own world that she basically lets Ethan do whatever he wants. And Mr. Grainey, for better or worse, was made out to be so horrible by the narrative that even when we learn that he's a lonely, albeit mean, old man that garners sympathy, it's hard to put aside the initial feelings about him and his overall bad traits.

However, the climax with Ethan hiding in the house with his gun drawn and Mr. Grainey standing in the same room with his gun drawn is truly a gripping scene, and basically saves the movie from being a total disaster. And it serves as a reminder to us all that we all live in our own perceptions of reality. Booster77 7 January I have stated many times that sometimes the biggest gems when it comes to movies, is often the ones you never heard about. This was one of them. Before watching it, I had never heard anything about it.

I'm a fan of the so called 'found footage' genre. So when I read the synopsis of this movie, saying 'experiment', 'haunted', 'camera surveillance', I had already decided to watch it. Do not worry, I never spoil. Two friends decide to do an experiment. They want to see if they can make a person believe they are being haunted, without it actually being so. To do so they rig the house of an old man with cameras and some mechanics to simulate the haunting. This is what the synopsis said, and this is indeed what about 20 minutes of the movie wears out.

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But then, well Now because I absolutely do not wish to spoil anything, I won't tell you anything more about the actual plot or story. The only thing I want you to know is. I was absolutely blown away by the acting of James Caan, in my opinion this was close to Academy Award Nomination worthy.

I absolutely recommend this movie. I really like this movie because it's a kind of movie which makes me guess - not think- so much. It has the flash back scenes which kind of teasing because it partly gives me hints on what or who is doing what. I consider the movie not heavy, so you can enjoy the movie, while making lots of guesses along the way, and finally know what behind the story. Although it is not heavy, the movie makes me think, that we all we do to others might have great consequence s to them, because of their background that we do not know of.

Just like it is said at the beginning. The movie got some surprising scene, enough to meet my expectation from thriller movies. But for you out there who's got high appetite for revenge, do not expect so much from this one.

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But then again, its not about getting even, its the story that makes this movie great. Reno-Rangan 24 January This is really refreshing. Something rare and unpredictable film in a thriller.

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  8. Nice characters and the setting where all the story takes place. This is about two teenagers secretly trying to video document one of their neighbours after judging his character through several events of his life. So they place hidden cams in his house, expecting something twist to happen.

    As the story goes on, they face various troubles and what result they get in the end was a shocker. I think nicely written film.

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    Not much fuzz about the characters or any events. Though there were some scene that puts the views on the edge of their seats. Overall a nicely made film, either quality or the quantity, totally acceptable. The actors too were good. The kids and then the Jame Caan.

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    The suspense was the backbone of the film. It succeeded on that, but don't anticipate anything bigger. It is a simple, small thriller that's surely worth a try. I'm a fan of the found-footage genre in general as it occasionally provides opportunities for creative, low budget ideas.

    I was close to switching this off after 20 minutes. It just seemed like two annoying teens setting up a dull Paranormal Activity-style bore.

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    The only reason I kept going was James Caan, who played his role with understated menace well enough to reel me in. By the halfway point I was genuinely enjoying the mystery, even if I was ultimately expecting a stereotypical conclusion.

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    However this is a film defined by its brilliant ending; one that is true to the set-up and which has an impact rare in the majority of films. My only criticism is that the way the film pretends to be one thing whilst actually being something else is likely to either alienate most of the audience it is being sold to, whilst at the same time not appealing to those who will really appreciate it.

    LLgoatJ 10 March The film is about two students who set up their creepy neighbours house so they can convince him it is haunted.