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If you want something hot but also thought provoking this is the book for you. I love the way Stasia delves into common issues in society and dissects them ultimately creating a book that is raw it hurts but you can't put it down! Yes, it's that deep and that amazing! Hunter by Stasia Black a five-star read worth hunting down.

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This is the first book in the Stud ranch series, and what a first book. Isobel is a woman who has been beaten down, lost the only person she has truly loved in years, fearing the worst she runs away and what will she find?

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Will she find the peace she wants Hunter by Stasia Black a five-star read worth hunting down. Will she find the peace she wants and needs? Or will she find so much more? This story is very good but may be a difficult read for some, as it contains a theme of suicide, verbal abuse, death of loved ones, cheating, etc. The verbal abuse was combined with physical sabotage and started for the heroine when she was a teenager by her step-mother. It also contains violence, adult language and erotic, detailed intimate scenes.

If you are sensitive to any of these scenarios, then this may not be the book for you. Isobel Snow hated her step-mother, Catrina, and the feeling was apparently mutual. Catrina has been making snide comments since Isobel was 10, right after she married Isobel's father, Richard. Isobel went to her dad once with the things Catrina said, but he didn't believe her and that just made it worse.

These things tore down Isobel's confidence and led to her developing eating disorders and being institutionalized. When she went away to college Isobel was finally able to develop some healthier eating habits. Isobel was just completing her 3rd year of veterinarian school at Cornell, but returned home to be with her dad after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Catrina picked up and escalated her verbal abuse of Isobel after she returned. Telling her how fat she had gotten since she returned, and how her disappointed her dad was and that he didn't love her.

Isobel figured she had put on about 30 pounds even though she had returned to counting every calorie and drinking a green veggie smoothie every morning. No matter what she did though, her weight continued to increase. This also caused Isobel to return to her other old habits of binging and purging after her dad died. Her boyfriend of 3 years, Jason, came out to be with her. Right at first he was hesitant to be intimate, but Isobel just wanted to feel alive and be held even though she wouldn't let him see her with the lights on.

Afterwards he went straight to the shower to get cleaned up. While he was in there he received a text. It was from her best friend Vanessa and it was a topless pic for him to keep him company until he returned home Isobel couldn't believe this was happening but she wasn't going to tolerate it. She marched into the bathroom and he had just placed shampoo in his hair and she told him to get out of her house, not even allowing him time to rinse off.

When she got him out of the house, she went straight to the freezer, got out the ice cream and ate a bunch while on her latest sob fest. When she finished she went to the trash can, placed a finger down her throat and purged. The door was still open on the cabinet, and while she was trying to get herself together, she noticed a can of protein powder. Why would a can of protein powder be down there with the other cleaning products? Her dad never pumped weights, he had only jogged occasionally, so there would have been no need. Catrina was a former model and still retained the same stick thin frame.

Then Isobel noticed the special cognac that Catrina loved was sitting under there as well. Could she really be so evil to place the protein powder inside Isobel's am smoothie? Humph, who is she trying to kid, it is exactly what the witch would do. So that explains the previously unexplained weight gain!! About the time that Isobel figured out what had happened, the witch came in and spoke about how he cheated on her and how that was to be expected since she had gained so much weight, etc.

Isobel kept herself together for the most part and then confronted her about adding the powder to her smoothies. Catrina tried to remain calm and started talking about how Isobel was out of control, how the doctor said she became addicted to the attention she received after her mom died and how crazy was just in her DNA When Isobel turned around to go, Catrina started talking about her being a coward and how she continued to run away just like her mom did.

Then she referenced how her mom committed suicide when she was 30 and wasn't Isobel almost 25 now? Everyone said she was just like her mom, soon she would give in to the inevitable and how her dad must be glad that he didn't live long enough to see Isobel institutionalized again.

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Isobel charged after her, wrapped her hands around her neck and started to squeeze. Right at first, Catrina wasn't too worried and then she started to struggle and a look of fear entered her eyes. This brought Isobel to her senses and she let go. Isobel knew Catrina would call the police.

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She needed to be leave now, so she ran upstairs and started throwing some items into her bags. She went into the bathroom to take one of her pills and get her medicine. She spilled some and realized that the pills were not all the same. That witch substituted something else for her anxiety medicine!

She finally had some proof of what she had done! Then she thought everything through and realized Catrina could still explain it all away. So she got into her car, went to the pharmacy for a new prescription, withdrew the max amount from her account and hit the road. Hunter Dawkins is a small town veterinarian in Hawthorne Wyoming. His wife left him a year ago last week and he was sick of drinking at home by himself, so he went to the local watering hole, had a seat at the bar and ordered a beer.

When he had entered, he was greeted by several people saying how glad they were to see him out and about. After he settled in, he still found himself thinking about Janine, his wife, and how he still is not sure what happened to drive them apart. Hunter's main theory was she hated living in the small town almost from the time they arrived. She was a NYC girl, enjoyed the restaurants, shopping and night life. It got to the point that she started coming home later and later, would want to be intimate, then get up and sleep on the coach, like she couldn't stand him anymore.

Janine also started to get more aggressive and wanted rougher sex. Hunter tried to do different things to make her happy, such as weekend trips to a bigger city, cooking dinner for them, asking the local dinner if she could set up there versus the coffee house so far away, etc. Hunter realized that going out tonight wasn't taking his mind off her, so he might as well go home and do his drinking there. Hunter just hated the silence, and missed the feeling of a warm body next to his, as well as the little things that used to drive him crazy. Funny how the things that drove him nuts about his wife ended up being the things that he missed the most when she was gone.

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Before Hunter could get his wallet out and request his tab total, he heard the door open and looked up. It was the most beautiful and stunning woman he had ever seen walking in.

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She looked around and made her way to the bar and sat down in the empty chair by him. Hunter wasn't sure if that was because of him or some other reason, but he wasn't going to question his good fortune. She ordered a beer and a burger. Then before he could speak with her, Larry came over and got between them. He was drunk per usual and kept coming onto her with very bad sexual innuendos.

Hunter had heard enough so he got him away from her and told Larry to go home via taxi or her was going to call Maria.

This opened the conversation, and flirting, between the two. Then when she was through with her burger after eating about half, Hunter decided to go for broke.

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He asked if she would like to go home with him and she said yes. I am going to stop there, as I don't want to accidentally provide any spoilers or twists. The story starts with Isobel finding out her long distance romance has now sprung a leak. Then she has a run in with her stepmother that starts the old insecurities coming back in full force. Iso I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Isobel lets out all of her pent up rage and frustration on her stepmother when she pushes Isobel to far.

Isobel is now afraid that the consequences may be too much for her to handle and she leaves town quickly. Hunter has been dealing with the after effects of a marriage gone wrong and has avoided female company for over a year. When he gets a look at Isobel his heart begins to beat again after laying dormant for the past year. Hunter feels that Isobel misrepresented herself when she said she was from a small town when she was actually from the big city.

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