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The Run of Play is a blog about the wonder and terror of soccer. We left the window open during a match in October and a strange wind blew into the room. Quiet Revolutions 60 Spurs have succeeded by remembering that some problems are minor.

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By Jake Meador. Possession 62 When to keep the ball, and when not to. By Alan Jacobs. Deus Absconditus 34 What makes a great referee, by Alan Jacobs.

Biggest play of the game, Bucs went with a run-pass option that failed

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A serial novel about American soccer in the s. Portraits Player is a player is a player is a player. Adventures of Vandal-prone An American soccer fan abroad, sometimes even in his own country. Chesapeake Marchpane Magic. To find out more or to opt-out, please read our Cookie Policy. In addition, please read our Privacy Policy , which has also been updated and became effective May 23rd, Counter is no longer really that but a base play that teams are running in a wide variety of ways to great effect from spread formations.

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The counter run play is becoming a national favorite in college football. It seems to fall in and out of favor over the years as teams find new ways to run it without tipping off the defense so that they get a head start to where the pullers are headed. The shotgun spread era saw some of that, especially at Florida with Percy Harvin , but the GT counter really took off again when Oklahoma made it the main thrust of their offense in under first year OC Lincoln Riley and demonstrated how various keep or pass QB options could be attached to the basic concept.

Now there are a million ways to run the counter that you can find on a given Saturday in college football. This was one of the first shotgun counter plays to really take off, with Florida and Percy Harvin.

Obviously you still see it around. One of the less mentioned aspects of the SEC title game was the fact that this play was worth about eight yards, easy, every time Alabama ran it against Georgia.

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The Bulldogs could not stop the Alabama guards from executing the kickout block and the down blocks always blew open a massive hole. Keep that in mind for the upcoming playoffs. This was the play that Oklahoma turned into the most popular play in college football. The big deal with this play is that if the unblocked DE crashes down to stop the run, the QB can pull it around the edge like on a zone-read.

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Oklahoma added a dozen variations in which the FB would run a quick POP route or flare out to block for a screen opposite the direction of the pullers, or lead on the edge for the QB That means that everyone can now run a downhill, power scheme with the GT counter from 10 personnel and get an extra WR on the field instead of a TE or FB without having to use a good running QB. What has always made this play deadly, dating back to when Nebraska or K-State ran it for their QBs, is that the RB can give the linebackers a really unhelpful key either by arcing up to block the edge, taking a fake handoff sweep path, or swinging to the perimeter to offer a pass option.

On this example Texas does use a TE to help block down on the edge and clear out the LB anyways, a wrinkle Oklahoma used to great effect in The first player to even get to the QB to have a chance at making the tackle is the sam LB, who started the play lined up to the trip receivers on bottom of the screen. Naturally he then misses the open field tackle and there are eight or more so yards to be had.

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That block is the one teams rely to open the lane behind the double team for the offense to insert a lead blocker and then the ballcarrier.