Dandenong Delight: Photos to enjoy (a childrens picture book)

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Related posts: The Big List of Dreams. These are beautiful finds! Love the artwork — it is very different and yet at the same time very playful. Maybe I will also do this next year — you have inspired me! Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Le Carnet Rouge Whilst walking along a Parisian street at night, I noticed a whole bunch of Benjamin Lacombe books in the dark shop window of a closed bookstore. They are beautiful, packed with information and inspiring ideas, and fun. There is no foolishness and no questionable elements. They are a very welcome addition to my family and my homeschool.

Thank you so much! I don't know if I would ever have started drawing without your "You Can Draw" lesson. That's the best part of the magazine! Its so nice to get a magazine in the mail that I do not need to look through first. When it comes, the children say, "I get it first. I enjoy it very much and look forward to every new issue.

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Thank you, and God bless you for upholding Creation as the true origin of nature. I've only used them a little bit, but they are much better than the ones we bought before. I am amazed at how clear they are. I'm looking forward to using the new binoculars a lot! I am thirteen years old and from a family of nine.

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We all really enjoy Nature Friend , and I would like to thank you for publishing it. He counts down the days till the next issue comes. His sisters also enjoy this magazine. Thank you for such a Godly magazine that children can read and find truth and not error. May God continue to bless this work and bring glory to His name! The children are so excited! It covers so much of their interests in science, art, photography, nature, and animals. Thanks for such a great magazine. Our children received Nature Friend magazine for years, when they were growing up, we all enjoyed it.

So now we can start the grandchildren on it. He wanted to know if I had ever seen it. I told him we had been subscribing for about twenty-five years.

Art Inspiration: Children's Book Finds in Paris

He then wanted to know why I had never told him about it. He is in his eighties The "You Can Draw a Thank you very much! I share it with another adult. We decided we'd like to have the Study Guide and keep our memories exercised. The photos are wonderful. And it is God-oriented! Thanks for that tip! Our daughter got it as a gift from a precious friend in the U.

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It helps her a lot with her English studies, and also she likes all the articles and pictures. She has difficulties with drawing Because of Nature Friend , our daughter got motivated to try to draw the pictures. She did a good job with the sunflower Thank you so much for all your labor for the Lord.

Nature Friend is a blessing. It seems there is something for everyone in it. We just received a new issue today and several of the children are going to try and tackle the fox drawing. I also really enjoyed the photographs of the snow, "raining" versus "snowing. We have been receiving your magazine for just a few months, but I can tell you that it is going to be material that we want to continue to receive for many years. On a side note, I really like the paper you have chosen to print this on.

It works very well, especially with the number of photographs that are printed with every issue. It feels more like a book than a magazine, and I make a comment on that every month to my children. Thank you for considering the attached drawing by my 13 year old daughter.

God bless your work! Our whole family 8 of us enjoys it and looks forward to each issue. God bless in Jesus. I cannot say enough good things about it. It has been a wonderful magazine for our children.

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We have children that are always facinated by God's world. We can hardly spend a morning in the garden without it becoming a science lesson. Not much work gets done but, oh how they love to learn. This magazine has such a biblical perspective for the children. I would rather they read this magazine than any other. In a time when our children face so many things that can distract them from the truth, I feel very comfortable with this around as reading material.

Everything--photos, articles, content--is of the highest quality and a witness of God's creation and glory. Nature Friend exceeds our expectations. The grandchildren have to show me what new things they have learned. Science and nature become more meaningful as we read through these magazines. We bind them in yearly volumes and place them into the school's libraries in several provinces on this Luzon Island. The libraries rotate among the schools yearly. We hear students say, "Oh, I read about that in the Nature Friend! Perhaps the bright pictures help them too to understand as they muse over them.

I think these books are most loved in the school libraries here in the Philippine Islands. The whole family enjoys it, and we share it with the grandparents. We're all blessed by it. Wayne, IN.

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They are so beautiful and it's nice to place something in the waiting rooms for children to read. Thank you for honoring our Creator and sharing His creation! When I told the children I was going to submit a drawing of the white-tailed fawn, they exclaimed, "Mom, are you going to put your age? I have always enjoyed Nature Friend , and the drawings always have intriged me. I decided I would look through it, with the thought that using it for assigned nature study would be a good idea to flesh out her science studies. As I already felt that she wasn't getting as much benefit as she could, it seemed that "assigning" her some articles to read, crossword puzzles to do, etc.

As I turned the pages, I found your introduction to the Study Guide , and my chin dropped to the floor! What a coincidence--what a blessing! Thank you for thinking of this for me, and I look forward to many more constructive and fruitful learning opportunities coming our way as we use your new Study Guides to get the most out of our Nature Friend magazines.